481 Best BPR 2018

BPR Beraset Rp. 1 Triliun Keatas irsen modex palu

BPR Beraset Rp 25 Miliar Sampai Dengan Di Bawah Rp 50 Miliar


The BPRs of Modern Multiartha group again posted remarkable achievements in the Rating of 481 Best BPR 2018, version of Infobank.

BPR Modern Express, BPR Irian Sentosa and BPR Palu Lokadana Utama are ranked 2nd, 3rd and 6th respectively as BPRs with assets of Rp 1 trillion upwards per December 2016-2017. BPR Modern Express recorded assets worth Rp 1.78 trillion with a total score of 97.33%. BPR Irian Sentosa recorded assets worth Rp 1.19 trillion with a total score of 96.98%. While BPR Palu Lokadana Utama recorded assets worth Rp 2.35 trillion with a total score of 92.68%. All three were awarded Very Good from Infobank.

In addition, the achievement is also listed by BPR Semarang Margatama Gunadana which is ranked 122 as BPR with assets of Rp 25 billion to under Rp 50 billion per December 2016-2017. BPR Semarang Margatama Gunadana recorded assets worth Rp 30.6 billion with a total score of 88.50% with a Very Good predicate.

Congratulations on achieving it!

Source: Infobank Magazine No. 480 July 2018 Vol.XL