BPR Group Modern Multiartha Again Achieves Proud Achievement at Rating 250 BPR 2021 Version of Infobank Magazine

BPR Group Modern Multiartha once again recorded a proud performance. In the 250 BPR Ratings of 2021 by Infobank Magazine, 5 BPR Group Modern Multiartha won the title of Very Good, based on financial performance as of December 2019-2020. Among others are:

Bank BPR Modern Express is ranked 1st, Bank BPR Irian Sentosa is ranked 2nd and Bank BPR Palu Lokadana Utama is ranked 3rd for BPRs with Assets of IDR 1 Trillion and Over.

Meanwhile, Bank BPR Modern Ternate is ranked 12th for BPR with Assets of IDR 100 Billion to Below IDR 250 Billion and Bank BPR Modern Semarang is ranked 2nd, for BPR with Assets of IDR 50 Billion to Below IDR 100 Billion.

Congratulations on the achievement!