BPR Modern Kendari is committed to helping Southeast Sulawesi’s economic growth

Kendari (ANTARA) – Bank Perkreditan Rakyat (BPR) Modern Kendari is committed to helping the government to encourage economic growth, especially in Kendari City area, Southeast Sulawesi.

President Commissioner of BPR Modern Kendari Muntu Abdullah said in Kendari on Friday that BPR Modern Kendari would help the city’s economy by providing credit for employees, vehicle loans, and helping business capital for retirees. “We will always contribute to play a role with other financial institutions in Southeast Sulawesi to channel credit to help the community, business actors in stimulating the economy in Southeast Sulawesi,” said Muntu accompanied by Director of Operations BPR Modern Kendari, Stephanus Leunupun, during the yearly celebration of the operation of BPR Modern Kendari.

He said, since operating on April 2, 2020, BPR Modern Kendari has continued to serve the community by providing credit despite the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. “Alhamdulillah, in 2020 we achieved around 60 percent of the target. In 2021, our achievement from January to February is already above 80 percent, “he said. He said that currently BPR Modern Kendari is focused on providing credit for employees and motor vehicle loans, to lending for pensioners.

“For the time being, we are running a loan for Kredit Pegawai, Kredit Pegawai Plus and Kredit Pensiun. Lending to retirees, but it is not consumer credit, but we will help to their micro scale, “he said. Even so, he said that currently the company is building cooperation with the Government of Kendari City to provide credit to micro-entrepreneurs.

The presence of BPR Modern Kendari, which has a mission to become a growing, healthy, and independent BPR with excellent service for the community to support the economic growth of Southeast Sulawesi, is the ninth branch office in the central part of Indonesia, out of 40 representative branches throughout Indonesia.