As an integral part in the community, PT. MODERN MULTIARTHA has ethical and social calling and responsibility.

These social functions and responsibilities are planned and implemented in the form of community economic development, such as community counseling/mentorship programs, as well as some social assistance programs. The implementation of this social assistance program is in line with our vision to improve the welfare of local people.

Our BPR Group collaborates with local Governments to identify community needs and launch social programs that address the needs of local communities.

Here are some programs that have been done:

  • Providing transportation aid (Janson motor) to the Education and Teaching Office of Merauke Regency.
  • Providing assistance to the provision of education aids to Poltekes Biak District in the form of several units of computers, infokus, sports equipment and print books.
  • Providing educational scholarships to high school students at St. Seminary Intermediate Francis Asisi Waena
Cash Contribution of Public Infrastructure Development Imanuel GPM church building to Ambon city government.
Donation of the construction of houses of worship, received by Mayor of Ambon.
Activities PESPARAWI, 2015.
Submission of 2 Jonson motorcycle from BPR Irian Sentosa to Education and Teaching Department Merauke district.
The symbolic handover from BPR Irian Sentosa to POLKETES Biak district in the form of Computer, infokus, sports equipment and printed book.
Submission of scholarship from BPR Irian Sentosa to seminary student of Saint Francis of Assisi Waena.
Participation of BPR Palu Lokadana Utama in order to increase cleanliness in the city of Buri.
Participation of BPR Palu Lokadana Utama in order to improve hygiene in Parigi city.

BPR Group Modern Multiartha Peduli Penanggulangan Covid-19

Pemberian Alat Pelindung Diri (APD), Face Shield dan Goggles ke berbagai Rumah Sakit dan Klinik yang berada di masing-masing kota / kabupaten dimana Bank BPR Group Modern Multiartha berada. Pemberian ini merupakan bentuk kepedulian Bank BPR Group Modern Multiartha terhadap para petugas medis dalam menanggulangi pandemi Corona Virus Disease 19 (Covid-19) yang melanda Indonesia.


CSR BPR Modern Express:

Bank BPR Modern Express Peduli menyalurkan bantuan ke desa-desa yang terkena dampak Gempa Maluku Oktober 2019. Desa-desa tersebut antara lain di Waai, Tulehu, Liang, Suli, Kamarian, Kabau dan Haruku.

BPR Irian Sentosa Delivers Assistance to Asmat

BPR Irian Sentosa took part in aiding for malnutrition and measles patients in Asmat District, Papua. The Corporate Social Responsibility Program was conducted injunction with Yayasan HOPE INDONESIA (Hope Indonesia Foundation) . The assistance provided in the form of child clothing, blankets or sarongs, additional nutrition packages, hygiene packages and health packages. According to President Director of BPR Irian Sentosa, Arif Windarto: This is the initiative of BPR IRIAN SENTOSA together with PT Modern Widya Technical as a subsidiary of Multi Modern Group to provide assistance totaling Rp200 million.

CSR BPR Irian Sentosa – PT. Modern Widya Technical through Hope Indonesia Foundation provides assistance at TIMIKA (CSR Phase II)